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Indian Lore - Headress, Headbands & Fan Kits
Quantity Price Item# Description
Coup Feather Kit
Coup Feather Kit
$4.95 350235 Coup Feather Kit
Fiber Roach Kit
Fiber Roach Kit
$29.95 350238 Fiber Roach Kit
Foam Headress Kit
Foam Headress Kit
$2.49 250704 Group Crafts - Foam Head Dress / Headband with Feathers Native American Heritage Craft Foam Kit
Headband & Bead Kit
1 inch Dry Split Leather
Click here for a larger image
$1.95 301502 Kit- 1 inch Headband & Bead Kit ..(Special deal)
Headband Kit
Single Feather Leather Beads
Click here for a larger image
$3.95 301503 Kit- Single Feather Headband Kit (Eagle Feather, Leather Headband, Cord, & Beads)
Horned Warbonnet Kit
Warbonnet Kit
$99.95 350229 Horned Warbonnet Kit
Loose Fan Kit
Loose Fan Kit
$21.95 350233 Loose Fan Kit
Pheasant Feather
$29.95 3502342 Pheasant Feather Loose Fan Kit
Safety Pin Bead Headress Kit
Plastic Beads/Wire/Safety Pin
Click here for a larger image
$2.95 250718 Group Crafts - Head Dress Native American Style using Safety Pins, Beads, Feathers, and Suede String.
Souix Warbonnet Kit
White Base Red Tips
$49.95 350225 Warbonnet - Kit Sioux 'Economy Version' (white base red tips) 30 imitation eagle feathers, beaded brow band, horse hair, sinew, glue and instructions.
Suede Leather Vest
Youth Small Medium
$39.95 4046491 Vests - Small or Medium Youth (size 10/12) Beige Suede Leather Vest Kit Pre-made with Canvas Fabric
War Bonnet
Finished War Bonnet Sioux Sty
Click here for a larger image
$169.95 356001 Finished War Bonnet Sioux Style
Fur Felt Crowns
$16.95 350231 Fur Felt Warbonnet Crowns
Click here for a larger image
$169.95 350224 Warbonnet - Completed Finished Head Dress 29 Feather imitation Eagle Warbonnet, double plumed
Warbonnet Kit
$99.95 350227 Warbonnet - Kit Deluxe Warbonnet 'Best Version' (white base red tips) 30 feather size beaded brow band, rabbit skin and side drops.
$138.33 350228 Single-trailer Warbonnet Kit
Warrior Bonnet Kit
Beaded browband
$79.95 350226 Warbonnet - Kit Warrior 'Popular version' (white base red tips) 30 feather size Beaded browband, 1 pair of beaded rosettes.
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